Getting started with Stripe Checkout [CHECKLIST]

Use this checklist to start accepting payments with Stripe Checkout and Formeezy.

Hi there! We made this helpful checklist to help you get started accepting payments with Stripe Checkout and Formeezy as quickly as possible. By the end of this guide, you'll be able to create and sell unlimited products with flexible combinations using Formeezy.

Step 1 - Authorize your Stripe account

The first step to start accepting payments with Stripe and Formeezy is to authorize your Stripe account. Once your account is securely authorized, we'll be able to automatically generate Stripe Checkout sessions on your behalf.

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Step 2 - Enable Stripe on your form

The next step is to enable Stripe on the forms settings page of your Formeezy form. Once enabled, you'll be able to accept payments instantly.

Step 3 - Get your Price ID from Stripe

Now it's time to either create a new product in Stripe, or retrieve an existing one and locate the Price ID. This is how you'll manage what products will be added to the Checkout session after a submission.

Step 4 - Add your Price ID to your form input

Almost there! Now we just need to add our Price ID to our input and we're done.

  <input name="price_id" type="hidden" value="price_1234567890abcdef"></input>

Nice work! you're ready to start accepting payments.

Now whenever your form submits, a new Checkout session will be created for your user including the products listed on your form. reCAPTCHA and other integrations will continue to work like normal with the addition of Stripe products.


Stripe Checkout Code Examples

See ready-to-use code examples to help you get started accepting payments.

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