Authorize your Stripe account

Learn how to securely authorize your Stripe account to start accepting payments through Stripe in minutes with your Formeezy forms.

Ready to start accepting payments with your HTML forms? Using our direct Stripe integration combined with Formeezy endpoints, you can start creating Stripe Checkout sessions in minutes with Formeezy.

Authorize your Stripe account

You'll need to connect your account to Formeezy in order to process payments.

To connect your Stripe account to Formeezy:

  • Navigate to account
  • Scroll to "Stripe"
  • Click "Connect to Stripe"
  • Done!

Deauthorize your Stripe account

You can remove the connection between your Stripe account and your Formeezy account at anytime in account settings. This will prevent Stripe submissions on all Stripe enabled forms.

To deauthorize your Stripe account:

  • Navigate to account
  • Scroll to "Stripe"
  • Click "Disconnect from Stripe"

Is this secure?

Yes, we connect to your account utilizing Stripe Connect in order to securely act on your behalf without the exchange of API keys. This allows you to remotely manage your Formeezy connection in Stripe as well as in your Formeezy account settings.

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