Add a Stripe Price ID input to your HTML form

Learn how to add a Stripe Checkout enabled input to your HTML forms with Formeezy.

Follow this short guide to automatically create a Stripe Checkout session for a specific product in your Stripe account. Without any additional JavaScript or packages to install, you can instantly accept payments by adding a simple input to your form.

Add a single Stripe product to a form

Create a type hidden input with the name price_id with the value set your Stripe Price ID. See the example below.

  <input name="price_id" type="hidden" value="price_1234567890abcdef"></input>

Adding multiple Stripe products to a form

Add multiple price_ids to be combined at checkout by comma separating the items. This is perfect for upsells, bundles, and one-time fees at sign up.

  <input name="price_id" type="hidden" value="price_1234567890abcdef, price_0987654321abcdef"></input>

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