Our Mission

We enable developers to accept forms online without needing to manage a server or backend.

We build products that make it easier for designers, developers, and companies to accept and process form submissions online.


Editing, sharing, and publishing new marketing should be as easy as a single click.


Your marketing tools should work with the tools and platforms you already know and love.

User Experience

Creating amazing user experiences increases the likelihood of someone turning into a client.

Our Core Values

What We Believe

Development Time Matters

Finding a scalable way to empower you and your team to create and deploy new forms is a powerful motivation for us. Spending time developing boilerplate code over and over again to do something like accepting form submissions is just bad practice. A better alternative? Connect your forms to one simple place that takes care of spam, security, and validation for you. Spend time building real features that will help move the needle in your business, and less time configuring your backend.

Clean API = Happy API

Avoid clogging up your API backend with unnecessary routes and handlers for one-off forms, and other communications required in your company. Instead, focus on building the systems that matter most to your customers. This results in less code, a more focused output, a separation of concerns, and avoids unnecessary testing of implementation details.

Frontend First

We want to empower frontend engineers and designers to be able to autonomously create and implement new lead capture, contact methods, data collection, and more without ever having to coordinate with a backend team. This results in faster implementation, more efficient cost-benefit ratios for testing new ideas, and less overall work for a team. Create and process new forms without leaving the frontend.

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